OoOoOoOo! #Slowmo (at Barnegat Lighthouse)

This little guy was in the house. Good eye @jenny_far has for finding this. #bumblebee #bee (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

Skull & Crossbones someone made with rocks on the beach #skullandcrossbones #skullcrossbones #skull #crossbones (at Barnegat Lighthouse)

Having a fire, where y’all at? Jake got this barrel for me, now we’re torching everything. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

I think I have enough water for a little while. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

Say hello to my TOMMY GUN!!! Oh hai, Groneman. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

Black lights, magic, and empty liquor bottles makes for an awesome night. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

Follow the bubbles! Music by #ThomasJack (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

As bad as this #storm looked, it barely touched us. (at The Dinosaur)

I should try the switch. #pasteurized milk sucks. (at Cumberland Farms)

Guitars everywhere. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

First phone interview went well. Moving on to my second interview with #Disney. (at Waters Edge)

Stare at the center and shake your screen. #drugsarebad (at Retro Fitness Bayville NJ-Official)

#Repost from @manuelferrara with @repostapp —- Don’t worry German fans, Brazil will have their revenge….. Funniest shit ever dude. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

#Repost from @dumbbb_af with @repostapp —- Horses will never look the sane to me.. (at Ocean Gate Boardwalk)