I need to become a surgeon. (at Community Medical Center)

Made this super delicious spread for my toast the other night. Honey, peanut butter, and chocolate almonds. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

#DirectTV sent me a box full of fake boobies. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

Hey dad, today marks one year you’ve been gone. I had so much free time this winter and it killed me to think that I couldn’t just drive over to your house to visit you like I did every chance I had anyway. I miss you so much, you were my best friend, but I am happy that you don’t have to live with that annoying, destructive addiction anymore. I hope you’ve had the chance to jam with Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Maybe we can play some frisbee when we meet again. Love you. (at Home)

Ever since THPS 2, I’ve loved #Anthrax’s version of Bring the Noise by #PublicEnemy (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

Oh alright! Chocolate. Thanks Family. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

Little creeped out about this random egg we just received in the mail. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

lol. #Repost from @majorlazer with @repostapp —- E.T. FINGER ACTIVATE (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

That is some name. (at Cumberland Farms)

Sunbathing on my couch outside. Waiting for someone to pick it up. (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

I found and caught the house ghost (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

"De principle, he will give me tp!" @bearded_jesus_ @jenny_far @lalalalalyssa (at Nick’s Badass Castle)

@chal_o caught you flying! (at FLORIDA)

Good boy, Tyson! Slooooo moooo (at Nick’s Badass Castle)